Wasting too much time on small WordPress tasks?
Would you rather do more productive work for your business and have professional WordPress developer do the grunt work for you?

WordPress changes, updates and maintenance

WordPress makes it easy to change a website’s content, but once in a while you get a request which goes beyond a simple change and sounds like a quick job for a web developer. But what if you are not a developer?

Even if you have a “go to” WordPress developer, it often takes a while to get those small tasks done. The main issue is that even simple task requires a few back and forth messages to get an estimate, get it approved, send task details, get invoice, pay the bill. Plus, web developers are busy and small tasks are often fall through the cracks and get a lower priority on developer’s to-do list.

On the other hand, have you ever tried to figure out something like changing contact info or fixing layout after plugins or WordPress update? If you did, you probably know the frustration of jumping on a small fix like this and then realizing that you spent an hour or more getting a tiny thing fixed, while you have more important and productive work to do for your business.

To make things worse, there is always a risk of something going wrong while you are playing with WordPress. Installing an innocent looking plugin with good community reviews can literally break the website – have you ever seen infamous The White Screen of Death after WordPress update?

As a web developer, I know the pain of getting small things fixed without wasting lots of time doing it yourself, chasing freelancers or interrupting your regular tech guy who is working on a larger project. This service is designed specifically to help you solve this pain and get small WordPress issues out of your way.

Presenting WPQuickie – same day small WordPress fixes

This service is designed to have your small WordPress tasks completed quick and without surprises in pricing.

  • Same day delivery for the orders placed before 1pm MST (on business days). Tasks submitted after 1pm will be completed next business day.
  • Fixed price for small tasks – no guesswork, no wasting time on estimates and approvals. Once task is accepted, there are no hidden costs, no surprises, even if we underestimated complexity of the task and it took longer than expected to finish.
  • Done by WordPress expert following the best practices of web development, that’s right, no junior developers messing up your website.
  • No bloatware guarantee – we won’t just slam another plugin into your WordPress site if the same task can be achieved with a few lines of custom code. This will keep your website fast and minimize risk of plugin incompatibilities.
  • We will send you detailed notes about solution we used and all changes done to the website for future reference.
  • No risk – 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with our work. Plus, if we break something while working on your website, we fix it at no extra cost.

How does it work:

  1. Submit a task using order form. Provide access to your hosting account and WordPress admin.
  2. Our team does initial triage of the task and confirms that it qualifies as a small task, plus verifies access to your hosting account and WordPress. If we find that your task is too big for this service, we will issue 100% refund.
  3. We complete the task and notify you, sending you a confirmation message with a detailed notes about what exactly was done on your Website.
  4. If something is wrong, just send us a request with revision details and we make it right.

What is a small task?

Small task is any WordPress task which can be done within 30 minutes by our expert WordPress developer. Here are a few common tasks to give you an idea:

  • Add a new page to the website
  • Add a contact, newsletter subscription or quote request form (unless it’s 5 page long with 50+ fields)
  • Update WordPress and plugins
  • Website backup
  • Create a new widget for the sidebar
  • Update contact info or business hours
  • Add social media links or sharing buttons
  • Update navigation (add / remove / change menu links)
  • Insert a video or photos
  • Add a slide or banner

On the other side, here are a few items which are not a small task:

  • Moving WordPress to another hosting account
  • Cleanup and recovery of hacked WordPress website
  • Brand new website setup including content entry and theme customization
  • Custom plugin or theme development

How do I know if my task is small?

Use your common sense, if the task sounds like a simple thing to do for the person who knows what they are doing – probably that’s a small task. If you are not sure – contact us to check. Feel free to submit a task even if you are not sure – if our triage shows that task doesn’t qualify, we will provide you a feedback on your issue and refund 100% of your payment.

What if my task takes longer than expected?

If we accepted your task and confirmed that it fits out small task criteria, we would not charge you extra even if we spend more than 30 minutes completing your task, so risk is on us.

What if you can not complete my task?

In some rare cases we may hit a dead end with the task after we accepted it and started working. For example, once we logged into your website and looked at the code, we found that issue is caused by 3rd party service or code damage from the hack and will require a few hours to get fixed. In this case we will send you a detailed report on our findings and refund full amount. Which means you will get a free diagnostics sent to you, which will help you to find a web developer and get an accurate quote for the work required.

About Us

Andrei FilonovWordPress developer and team lead

I am experienced WordPress programmer and a founder of WPQuickie. My web development careers started back in year 1998 and I have built hundreds of websites over the years.

With WPQuickie service we make it easy for WordPress website owners and designers to get a fast and professional help of WordPress developer without compromising quality.

Andrei is the “Mister Fix-It” of websites. We have worked with Andrei on several sites, and one of the many things we appreciate is the fact that he always knows how to make any technical problem right.
Louise Desmarais – Communications writer and web content writer at Mud Creative

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WordPress Small Task: one WordPress related task under 30 minutes of developer’s time.
Bonus: full website offsite backup (up to 1Gb) stored remotely for 1 year with a free recovery in case something goes wrong with your website.
That’s your insurance against hackers, losing a hosting account, accidental damage of website by your staff or other developers.
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